Introduction Resource Management Commerzbank

  • When?


  • Where?


  • Organisation?

  • What?

    Definition of the core processes for project-related resource management.

  • Methods and Systems

    • SAP PS
    • Resource Management Processes
  • Background

    After the merger of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank, the processes for project-related resource management of the investment bank IT department had to be reorganised. Commerzbank already had the roles of resource manager, Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank had a self-developed system for resource management.

  • Approach

    We set up a working group that established the core processes for resource management, in particular

    • the definition of resource pools,
    • establishment of competence management,
    • planning and management of the medium and short term needs of projects to the resource pools,
    • inclusion of resource availability in the project approval process.

    The processes were then rolled out using the resource management system developed in-house.

  • Results

    The role of the resource manager created new perspectives for all project participants in the newly emerging company. Instead of always working on the same project, requirements could now be quickly filled internally, project staff could expand their experience and competence through various projects and the dependence on external parties could be reduced.

  • What have we learnt?

    A process without system support is difficult to establish.

    A system without a process foundation does not work.

    System and process complement each other and are both equally important.